215 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651


10:30 A.M – 9:00 P.M

Reminder!!!! We are closed Christmas Day, New Years.
Close at 6pm on Christmas and New Years Eve.

Our Menu

Check out our menu for the most delicious foods. We’re proud of what we create and we look forward to serving you in the nearest future!

– Featured Menu –

– Signature Long One’s –

– Wheeler Special –

Long Cheeseburger

Burger $6.00
Combo $10.25

– Wheeler Dealer –

Double with bacon & cheese

Burger $7.50
Combo $11.25

– Wheeler Squealer –

Double with ham & cheese

Burger $7.50
Combo $11.25

– Round Burgers –

Comes with fry sauce, onion, pickle, tomato, and cheese


¼ pound patty

Burger $5.00
Combo $9.75


2 – ¼ pound patties

Burger $6.00
Combo $10.75


3 – ¼ pound patties

Burger $7.00
Combo $11.75

* Combo includes medium fry, rings or tots
and a medium drink.

– Kids Meal –


Little Korndog, little burger, nuggets,
OR grilled cheese;
Frys, rings OR tots, and drink

– Specialty Burgers –

Burger $7.00

Combo $11.25

Bacon & Avocado Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce and tomato)
Ham & Fried Egg Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce, tomato American cheese)
Mushroom & Swiss Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce and tomato and onion)
Taco Burger (comes with spicy mayo, taco meat, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato and cruncy tortilla strips)

– Ala Carte –

Long Hotdog


Homemade Korndog


Little korndog


Little wheeler


 add cheese

$ .50


Philly cheesesteak


BBQ pulled pork


Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Fish Sandwich




Grilled cheese


(comes with sauce onion and pickle)

– Sides –

French Fries or Tots

Medium $3.00

Large $3.50

Homemade onion rings

Medium $3.50

Large $4.00

Cheese Curds


Curly Fries


Sweet potato wafle fries


Pickle Chips


Jalapeño Bottle Caps – 4 oz


Fingersteak only


– Salads $6.00 –

Crispy chicken, Grilled chicken, Taco, or Tuna

– Chili –



Chili Dog


Chili Burger


Chili cheese fries or tots


– Dinners –

Comes with fries, rings, OR tots, and toast

Homemade Fingersteak Dinner


Double Fingersteak


Fish dinner (3 piece)


Chicken strip dinner (3 piece)


– Ice Cream –

Homemade ice cream sandwich


Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, or peanut butter

Vanilla cone


Kid’s cone


Flavor Burst






any toppings


Medium $4.00

Large $4.50



Medium $4.25

Large $4.75


Medium $4.00

Large $4.50


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Oreo, Butter Finger, Black Raspberry, Cherry, Lime, Red Raspberry, Bluberry, Orange, Lemon, Butterscotch, Grape, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Cheesecake, Root Beer, Banana, Marshmellow, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Peach

– Ice Cream Soda –

(Fruit topping, plus carbonation, turned into a Float)

Medium $4.00

Large $4.50

– Ice Cream Spin –

(Any soda, mixed into a shake)

Medium $4.00

Large $4.50

– Drinks –

Small $1.70

(16 OZ)


Medium $2.10

(20 OZ)

Large $2.40

(32 OZ)

XLG $2.60

(44 OZ)

– You Can Skip The Line! We Deliver
For Delivery Options –

From Our Happy Customers

"Outstanding Experience"

I haven’t been here in a while but they were one of the local offers to use with Acorns. Made the trip over and great value for the money. Delicious fresh food and friendly staff. I asked for the employees favorite and was told the Wheeler Dealer is a local favorite, that + bacon = yummy!

– Nate V –

"Outstanding Experience"

AMAZING AS ALWAYS! My aunt was the person was the one who named the place. The Wheeler family attended the same church and had put up a contest to name. Have been going here since I was a kid. Always great food and drinks, especially the tutor tots and fry sauce!! Have to make a trip here everytime we come back to Idaho, living in Oregon for the past 43 years so it is always our treat.

– Cindy Dazey –

"Outstanding Experience"

Amazing as always! Everytime I come up from Cali to visit my Grandma, I love to stop here!:^)

– Brandy Jay –

"Outstanding Experience"

This was my first time eating here and I’ve got to say the food is great! I had the bacon guacamole burger and it was a real treat. The onion rings are the best in town. I highly recommend Wheelers and I will definitely be back.

– Jared Thurber –