215 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651


10:30 A.M – 9:00 P.M

Our Menu

Check out our menu for the most delicious foods. We’re proud of what we create and we look forward to serving you in the nearest future!

– Featured Menu –

– Signature Long One’s –

– Wheeler Special –

Long Cheeseburger

Burger $6.00
Combo $10.25

– Wheeler Dealer –

Double with bacon & cheese

Burger $7.50
Combo $11.25

– Wheeler Squealer –

Double with ham & cheese

Burger $7.50
Combo $11.25

– Round Burgers –

Comes with fry sauce, onion, pickle, tomato, and cheese


¼ pound patty

Burger $5.00
Combo $9.75


2 – ¼ pound patties

Burger $6.00
Combo $10.75


3 – ¼ pound patties

Burger $7.00
Combo $11.75

* Combo includes medium fry, rings or tots
and a medium drink.

– Kids Meal –


Little Korndog, little burger, nuggets,
OR grilled cheese;
Frys, rings OR tots, and drink

– Specialty Burgers –

Burger $7.00

Combo $11.25

Bacon & Avocado Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce and tomato)
Ham & Fried Egg Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce, tomato American cheese)
Mushroom & Swiss Burger (comes with special sauce, lettuce and tomato and onion)
Taco Burger (comes with spicy mayo, taco meat, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato and cruncy tortilla strips)

– Ala Carte –

Long Hotdog


Homemade Korndog


Little korndog


Little wheeler


 add cheese

$ .50


Philly cheesesteak


BBQ pulled pork


Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Fish Sandwich




Grilled cheese


(comes with sauce onion and pickle)

– Sides –

French Fries or Tots

Medium $3.00

Large $3.50

Homemade onion rings

Medium $3.50

Large $4.00

Cheese Curds


Curly Fries


Sweet potato wafle fries


Pickle Chips


Jalapeño Bottle Caps – 4 oz


Fingersteak only


– Salads $6.00 –

Crispy chicken, Grilled chicken, Taco, or Tuna

– Chili –



Chili Dog


Chili Burger


Chili cheese fries or tots


– Dinners –

Comes with fries, rings, OR tots, and toast

Homemade Fingersteak Dinner


Double Fingersteak


Fish dinner (3 piece)


Chicken strip dinner (3 piece)


– Ice Cream –

Homemade ice cream sandwich


Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, or peanut butter

Vanilla cone


Kid’s cone


Flavor Burst






any toppings


Medium $4.00

Large $4.50



Medium $4.25

Large $4.75


Medium $4.00

Large $4.50


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Oreo, Butter Finger, Black Raspberry, Cherry, Lime, Red Raspberry, Bluberry, Orange, Lemon, Butterscotch, Grape, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Cheesecake, Root Beer, Banana, Marshmellow, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Peach

– Ice Cream Soda –

(Fruit topping, plus carbonation, turned into a Float)

Medium $4.00

Large $4.50

– Ice Cream Spin –

(Any soda, mixed into a shake)

Medium $4.00

Large $4.50

– Drinks –

Small $1.70

(16 OZ)


Medium $2.10

(20 OZ)

Large $2.40

(32 OZ)

XLG $2.60

(44 OZ)

– You Can Skip The Line! We Deliver
For Delivery Options –

From Our Happy Customers

"Outstanding Experience"

I haven’t been here in a while but they were one of the local offers to use with Acorns. Made the trip over and great value for the money. Delicious fresh food and friendly staff. I asked for the employees favorite and was told the Wheeler Dealer is a local favorite, that + bacon = yummy!

– Nate V –

"Outstanding Experience"

AMAZING AS ALWAYS! My aunt was the person was the one who named the place. The Wheeler family attended the same church and had put up a contest to name. Have been going here since I was a kid. Always great food and drinks, especially the tutor tots and fry sauce!! Have to make a trip here everytime we come back to Idaho, living in Oregon for the past 43 years so it is always our treat.

– Cindy Dazey –

"Outstanding Experience"

Amazing as always! Everytime I come up from Cali to visit my Grandma, I love to stop here!:^)

– Brandy Jay –

"Outstanding Experience"

This was my first time eating here and I’ve got to say the food is great! I had the bacon guacamole burger and it was a real treat. The onion rings are the best in town. I highly recommend Wheelers and I will definitely be back.

– Jared Thurber –